Economic Strength Bar chart

We are one of Canada's strongest economies and have demonstrated resilience and strength through uncertain global economic conditions. 

Edmonton provides a strong economic base from which to grow. 




Strong, Diverse, Resilient Economy

Strong Fundamentals

Edmonton's labour market is recovering post-pandemic. Q1 2022 unemployment rate is outperforming the Alberta average.1

Responsible for 25% of all Net New Jobs in Canada Over the Past 5 Years1

GDP, Income and Population Growth 3x the Canadian Average Over the Past 5 Years2

$5 Billion of Public and Private Investment in the Downtown.3

Scoring 0.90 out of 1.0, the Conference Board of Canada rates Edmonton's economy as highly diverse2.

1. Statistics Canada and City of Edmonton

2. Conference Board of Canada

3. City of Edmonton

Economic Indicators


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Growth Potential

The Province of Alberta highlights $61.9 billion in projects across different sectors in Edmonton's service region.


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Alberta's Industrial Heartland Projected Value of Projects

The Edmonton Energy and Technology Park, located in northeast Edmonton, is part of Alberta's Industrial Heartland (AIH) - Canada's largest hydrocarbon processing region.

AIH has over $30 billion in investments and contributes approximately $1.5 billion in annual spending.  AIH identifies there is a value-add energy investment window with the potential to attract $30 billion in new capital by 2030 in addition to work under construction or announced  - contributing significantly to further industrial growth in Edmonton and the region.

Map of Alberta's Industrial Heartland

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Map of the Edmonton Service Region

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Please contact us for more detailed information on projects in the Edmonton service region.

Export Potential

Alberta's Largest Manufacturing and Processing Centre

The Edmonton region is home to Alberta's largest manufacturing and processing centre - accounting for 40% of Alberta's manufacturing shipments including products from its top sectors: petrochemicals and chemicals, and metal fabrication and machinery.1 

Edmonton is an intermodal hub and logistic centre that serves all Western Canada (from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes) and is the gateway to Canada's north and Arctic region. 

Local, U.S. and Asian Markets

Alberta's largest market is the U.S., followed by a rapidly expanding and diverse customer base in Asia. Also, a significant amount of Alberta's economic activity is generated by a strong domestic customer base primarily within Western Canada. 

Alberta GDP Growth

The Government of Alberta estimated a real GDP growth rate of 4.4% in 2014, the strongest growth rate among all Canadian provinces and the 5th consecutive year of robust growth.2 Alberta's economy remains resilient and modest economic growth is expected  2016-2020 according to the Conference Board of Canada.

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Please contact us for more detailed information on Edmonton's export market.