Major Economic Driver in Edmonton – Agribusiness 

Edmonton’s advantage in agribusiness is due to the established research institutions, knowledge-based technology and agencies vital to enhance crop inputs, food processing, manufacturing, bioresource technology and biosystem management.

Agribusiness Brochure

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Fueled as Canada’s major export gateway to Asia, Edmonton’s agri-technology innovation supports regional demand for quality food and fibre, production efficiency and sustainability.  Agriculture has seen the largest GDP growth rate of 32.2% from 2019-2021 in Edmonton CMA1. The majority of the sub-sector growth is in industrial crops, food processing and service based.

There is massive sector potential in next 45 years with global food demand to meet population growth, land degradation, water scarcity and climate change. Edmonton companies are utilizing business incubators, science and culinary food studies and leadership in robotics, data analytics and value-added products to service a growing niche market.

1. Edmonton and CMA GDP Growth Rates (2019 - 2021)

The Agribusiness Market

  • Edmonton has displayed major sub-sector growth in value-add products with major export trade opportunities in Europe, Asia and the Pacific Rim
  • Value-add products (beef, canola oil, and prepared animal feed have continued to increase in demand and trade distribution) in 20202 Food manufacturing sales have also increased into 20213
  • 700+ Food Processing Business Licenses in Edmonton4
  • Food and beverage is Alberta’s second largest industry (20.8%) of $15.82 Billion value of shipments5
  • Over $4.2 million invested in FPDC to ensure agri-food companies can access critical resources needed to develop new products and capitalize on new market opportunities for plant-based foods6
  • Edmonton has abundant pulse inputs grown in the region suited for plant-based protein (yellow peas, green peas, fava beans). Canola, an emergent input, is also widely produced.  
  • Pulse input for plant-based protein is the fastest growing agri-sector. The estimated global demand by 2030 is $100 Billion. 
  • New ag-celerator food manufacturing facility has an ambitious role to serve the $36 million air cargo food expansion plan at Edmonton International Airport. This facility is designed to help emerging food innovators have global access to new markets and to address regional gaps7

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Industry Associations and Networks

Edmonton features major research facilities staffed with scientists, engineers and technologists to strengthen and expand products to markets

  • Agriculture Research and Extension Council
  • Alberta Agriculture Programs and Services
  • Alberta Food Processors Association
  • Alberta Processing Business Incubator
  • Alberta Institute of Agrologist
  • Innotech Alberta / Alberta Innovates
  • Alberta Council of Technologies
  • BioAlberta

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1. Government of Alberta - Agriculture Industry Profile

Edmonton agribusiness-related companies

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Affinity Life Sciences

Agri-Growth International Inc


Bent Stick Brewing

BioNeutra North America Inc

Blends Inc


Ceapro Inc

Chef Bombay


Range Road Meats Co


Sunterra Meats


TC Scientific Inc


Uproot Food Collection